Why being recyclable means you should choose a Sammitr canopy

Canopy JHB is passionate about environmental considerations and cost-effective solutions for clients, specifically for the supply of Sammitr canopies. Our canopies can be utilised for leisure, commercial and courier contexts.

A streamlined logistical operation requires the correct set of resources, such as a Sammitr canopy. The Sammitr canopy is manufactured with the highest calibre of techniques and processes such as galvanised pressed sheet steels that are strong and durable.

The general wear and tear of the canopy is significantly reduced because the windows, racks and dividers are specifically created with the intention to last longer and against the elements of deterioration and maintenance.

The fibreglass Sammitr canopy range offers supreme durability against the elements. The fibreglass is fairly lightweight and easily modifiable if required. The durable nature of a Sammitr canopy is low maintenance and long term durability. Sammitr canopies do not rust and have anti-corrosive properties which contribute to the recyclable nature of the materials used.

An important consideration relating to Sammitr canopies is the long lasting capability to carry heavy loads and offers excellent protection against theft of the contents of the vehicle. Improved fuel performance is an under-rated advantage when it comes to Sammitr canopies as the sustained canopy can assist with sturdiness on the open road, which has a direct impact on the environment and the pollution thereof.

In the event of selling the vehicle, the Sammitr canopy contributes to the resale appreciation value. Should the new owner decide to remove the original canopy installed, the materials used for the canopies are easily recyclable, reusable and environmentally friendly.

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