Which canopy should you choose for enduring harsher weather conditions?

Canopies were created and manufactured for the purpose of providing structural protection to the vehicle and for offering a larger loading space. Canopy JHB is the ideal supplier of excellent quality canopies for any requirement.

In this article, we will be looking at the different characteristics of each canopy and which canopy is ideal for enduring harsher weather conditions. There are different categories of canopies, which includes a box cover canopy, an aluminium canopy as well as a fibreglass canopy.

Box Cover Canopy

A box cover canopy has dynamic characteristics that are primarily used for larger vehicles that travel around a lot more and used for logistical purposes. It would be important to note that a box cover canopy has a sturdy structure in place from different angles. These angles could include 4 or 6 points of contact that are erected in order to withstand gale force wind while travelling.

Aluminium Canopy

This unique canopy can be manufactured specifically using fibreglass and other sturdy materials such as steel and aluminium. Some frame tent canopies do not require any significant staking in the vehicle as there is usually some sort of aluminium framing that will assist the canopy to be held up even though there may be particularly strong winds.

An additional benefit of the aluminium canopy is the extended space of compartments where tools and other objects can be appropriately packed to protect against any harsh weather conditions.

Fibreglass Canopy

There are a versatile range of carport canopies and these are particularly installed with the intention of enduring harsher weather conditions. Fibreglass canopies are created for the specific year and model of the vehicle. Many fibreglass canopies are also customised with a paint that matches the vehicle’s original colour code.

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