What are canopy ISO ratings and should you get a canopy that is rated?

Internationally recognised standards and industry adherence related to quality is fast becoming a specific requirement. Canopy JHB meets these requirements above expectation through safety and durability compliance.

ISO is the International Organization for Standardization that has strategies and processes in place for organisations that improve quality management and environmental management. Technical aspects of the canopies should be implemented when installing and maintaining the canopies.

As a top-tier canopy supplier in the industry, Canopy JHB is affiliated with impeccably recognised brands such as Beekman, Securi-Lid and Rhinoman.

We are one of the formidable fibreglass canopy suppliers in South Africa with an ISO 9001 Accreditation. It would be advisable to invest in a canopy that is ISO certified to ensure that quality is guaranteed and accountability is ensured through customer focus and process approach improvements.

Some of the categories of the ISO standards include ratings such as a Lockable Maintenance Access Doors, Control Viewing Window, Fork Pockets, Single Lift Points, Open Frame capabilities, High Density Foam as well as load and storage space of the vehicles. Other corresponding components of the ISO rating are associated with fuel consumption, exhaust system and air system consumption.

The percentage of load prime and the mechanical features are included in the industrial, commercial and courier related features of the canopy. Another consideration is also linked to anti-corrosive properties and the level of maintenance required.

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