Tips for purchasing your bakkie’s canopy

Purchasing a canopy for your bakkie is a great investment. However, you can’t just purchase any bakkie canopy. You need to be sure that the canopy that you purchase for your bakkie is the best one for you. Here are a few tips for purchasing your bakkie’s canopy:


The size of the bakkie canopy that you choose is important. Remember, not all bakkies are the same. You need to be sure that the canopy you choose fits the dimensions of your bakkie’s flatbed. Once you have found a range of bakkie canopies that are the correct size, you can start looking at other factors.



The style of the bakkie canopy should influence the canopy of your choice. This tip for purchasing your bakkie’s canopy involves a lot of thought. You need to consider your personal preferences as well as the intended purpose of the bakkie’s canopy after purchase. Choose something stylish, but always have its function in mind.



Another consideration to make is the weight of the bakkie’s canopy. There are many different materials to choose from, but the material that you choose will affect the weight of the canopy. Aluminium and canvas are the lighter choices while steel is sturdy. Steel is not a bad choice if you do not intend on removing the canopy, but if your goal is to have an easily removable canopy, the lighter materials are a better option.

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