Refurbishing and Repairing an old, leaking or damaged fibre-glass canopy

Canopy JHB has an invaluable amount of experience in the automotive industry with niche canopy offerings. Our canopies are manufactured with the highest calibre of materials and are installed onto vehicles with specific requirements and enhancements.

We incorporate elevated levels of galvanising techniques, colour-coded painting procedures and resistance to the elements. Canopy JHB is passionate about sustainability, with canopies that have recyclable and environmentally friendly materials with heavy-duty rotary locks.

Canopies are often susceptible to wear and tear, with constant exposure to the elements and utilisations of heavy weighted capacities over long distances. Canopy JHB provides a definitive service offering of impeccably ranged canopies.

There are definitive processes to refurbish and repair damaged or leaking fibre-glass canopies. The fibreglass firstly needs to be cleaned with soap and warm water to remove residue. This then should be resurfaced with an oxidized layer of materials to coat the fibre glass.

The process of fixing a crack in the fibreglass in a canopy would include drilling a small hole at each end of the crack, which would prevent the crack from further extending. The crack should then be filled with a fair amount of fibreglass epoxy resin with the utilisation of a plastic applicator. Body fillers should also be utilised in order to absorb moisture and prevent leakages, which will then also prevent the occurrence of corrosion and rust in the long term.

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