Reasons to add a Kindo seat protector to your vehicle

Kindo seat protectors are designed to fit the most popular vehicles, that is cars, trucks, bakkies, vans, SUV’s, etc. The materials and constructions used on Kindo seat protectors are carefully selected, right from the threads and fabrics, to ensure quality, durability, and ease of maintenance. We recommend every car owner to installs Kindo seat protectors to their vehicles for the numerous benefits that they offer.

Special stitching is used on Kindo seat protectors to ensure that your side impact bags deploy as intended. The covers are all designed in such a way to allow for all original seat functions like moving, folding, split seats, sport seats, Isofix openings, airbags, etc.

Kindo seat protectors are made using the best fabric for seat covers. The fabric has been exclusively developed together with South Africa’s leading fabric mill. The expertly designed coating both enhances strength, whilst allowing for breathability.

You will also enjoy the long-lasting quality. While getting in and out of your car may seem like a harmless operation, it is, in fact, putting a lot of stress on your seats. Like sandpaper on a jagged block of wood, the texture of your clothing grates against the texture of the upholstery (leather and cloth alike). This continual friction steadily wears away at your upholstery. Over Time, the strength of the leather or fabric starts to wane, and it will eventually start becoming threadbare, torn and split. All this can, fortunately be avoided with a quality set of Kindo seat protectors.

Leather is especially susceptible to sun damage because UV radiation dries out the natural oils in the leather. Without these oils keeping moist, the leather will eventually start to crack. Cloth upholstery is also at risk. Direct sunlight on your fabrics has a bleaching effect. Where once your seats were dark blue or black, sun exposure can leave your seats looking purple or ashen. Since you can’t always park your car in the shade, you can give Kindo seat protector a chance to protect your car seats.

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