How to clean a bakkie canopy window?

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Keeping your bakkie clean is an obligation that no bakkie owner should ever take for granted, unless of course you don’t mind people laughing and cringing at the lack of cleanliness of your prized possession. We’re often asked about the best ways to clean bakkie canopy windows, and now we’re proud to say that we’ve finally got a solution which you can easily share with your friends. You can thank us later!


How to clean your bakkie canopy window the right way

Canopies are built to protect the cargo you haul in your bakkie and are subjected to harsh conditions that almost always result in dirty canopy windows. Cleaning these windows thoroughly and with conviction can prove to be a challenge for many because of the way canopies rest on bakkie beds. Worry no longer, we’ve got you covered!


Things you’ll need:

  1. A bucket that you can move around easily;
  2. Specialised soap for cars and bakkies (you can find that at pretty much any retailer);
  3. A steady supply of water and a water hose;
  4. A special washing brush used for canopies (you may need to look a little harder for this one), otherwise a normal window brush should do the trick;
  5. Glass cleaning solution;
  6. Paper towels or old newspapers.


The process:

Step 1:

Fill the bucket with water and add the soap based on the instructions on the packaging. Even though you can use regular dish soap instead of special vehicle soap, dish soap may harm your bakkie’s paint job. Even if you’re simply cleaning the windows, the soapy water will run down the length of the car and come into contact with the paint.


Step 2

Splash some water onto the exterior of the window you’ll be working on using your hose. Dip your wash brush into the soapy water and start scrubbing away! Be sure to use the soft mitt side of the brush to wash the window, then rinse all the soap away with the water hose. Once done, dry it using your paper towels/old newspapers to prevent any water/soap marks from appearing. Repeat this process for every other window on the canopy. 


Step 3

When cleaning the window between the cab of your bakkie and the canopy, a specialised wash brush will be able to fit into the small spaces and allow you to thoroughly clean the window. If you don’t have such a brush, you can use thin objects such as a fine paintbrush or a small squeegee. Be sure to wash and dry those areas as thoroughly as humanly possible since you won’t be able to tell whether you did the job or not until you remove the entire canopy.



If your canopy windows are tinted, we recommend that you use tint-safe glass cleaner since regular glass cleaners contain chemicals like ammonia that could damage your tint. When comes time to clean the interior of your windows, you can repeat step 2 by using a clean cup in place of the water hose – that’s if you’re not looking to flood your bakkie bed with water.



And there you have it, you won’t go wrong with your canopy’s spring cleaning if you follow our steps to the tee. However, if you think that your canopy is too far gone and you’re considering getting a new one, you won’t have to look any further than the Joburg Canopy Centre! We’ve got it all, so we’re confident that you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for when you shop with us. Get in touch today to get started!