How Long Can You Expect A Canopy To Last?

Canopies have the capacity to last between three to eight years, depending on the manner in which the canopy is maintained. Canopy JHB is passionate about manufacturing and providing the highest calibre of canopies.

Our specialisations include, but are not limited to quality, affordable and stylish fibreglass canopies. The fibreglass and powder coated frame components contributes to the functionality of the texture becoming resistant to scratching and continues to provide solid structural integrity of the vehicle.

The canopy frames are manufactured with the intention to be adjusted according to the height and weight capacity of the vehicle. Additional features include a main body that has 3mm automotive grade aluminium, powder coated materials as well as a cab sliding window.

Canopy JHB extends a 2 year warranty on all product specifications. The maintenance of canopies should be relatively minimal according to the condition the canopy is kept in over the years. The canopies are reinforced with polyester fabric which has a solid resistance to water and fire damage.

The materials that a canopy is manufactured with ensure that the canopy can withstand a multitude of weather conditions and functionality for various locations. The canopy increases the vehicles load bin capacity, protects cargo and increases transport versatility.

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