A look at why the Sammitr canopies we supply have the best durability

At Canopy JHB, we prioritise the highest standard of canopies that can be used across different models of vehicles and range of canopies that are customisable.

As a Tier 1 supplier of body panels to various OEMs, the quality is unmatched with the technologically advanced production techniques and calibre of materials. We are aligned with industry standards that are used in the automotive industries to ensure long-term durability and sustainability.

The Sammitr canopies are manufactured by pressed galvanised steel with a measurement of 0.8 millimetres. Thereafter, the canopies are tested further through a rigorous anti-corrosive treatment that is colour-coded to ensure an ultra smooth finish.

Canopies are customisable according to the requirements of the customer. This can include storage space customisation to expand the area of the vehicle to appropriately place different compartments and dividers in the system. An additional benefit is the enhanced fuel performance which assists in reducing the wind that drags the vehicle when travelling on an open road.

The processes used in manufacturing the canopies also create an aesthetically pleasing canopy product that can be used for an extended amount of time. An equally important consideration is the environmental considerations and techniques used when manufacturing the canopies. Furthermore, the wear and tear of the vehicle would be minimised due to the protective shell to keep the structure from accumulating dust and debris.

Canopies are manufactured with the intention of resisting the elements such as harsh weather conditions as well as logistical operations. The reason why these canopies have superb durability characteristics is due to the rear glass that is mounted in steel across a sturdy frame as well as heavy-duty rotary locks. The Sammitr canopy also provides an improved vehicle resale value, which makes the vehicle appreciate in value over time.

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