Why you should visit us to install an Ezdown for your bakkie.

Every now and then, we stumble upon a product that at first might not excite us at all that much, but after using it, we get as fired up as we did the first time we made tyres smoke in the high-school parking lot. At first glance, the Ezdown tailgate damper looks like some brackets and a camper shell door shock, and you are probably thinking, “So what?”

We know it might not sound exciting, but once you spend a few minutes adding the device to the tailgate of your bakkie and watch as it slowly opens gracefully and without that annoying slam noise, you’ll probably want one for yourself. The kit is well-thought-out and really easy to integrate into your truck, and once it’s in place, you will never know it’s there until you open your tailgate.


From industrial specialized applications, comes an innovation so simple yet so practical. It’s just a matter of time before it tops the list of essentials of bakkie owners.


The Ezdown is a tailgate that equips tailgates with soft-release, single entry opening and hands-free lowering. By using quick disconnect dampers to absorb the speed of the tailgate descent, the Ezdown is not so much of a nice-to-have as much as it is a must-have especially when you consider what it can add in terms of safety and convenience.


Ezdown is a deal where everyone wins. If there’s a downside to installing this product, we can’t find it. It bolts right in and work as advertised and we love it when that happens!

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