The advantages of adding rubber lining to the back of your bakkie

Your truck or bakkie is basically your work horse, and as such it is usually operated under grueling conditions, or while bearing loads which could potentially cause damage to its load bin. While they are exceptionally durable, bakkies can stand to benefit hugely from the added rubber lining protection for your vehicle. What are some of the advantages of rubberizing your bakkie?


Protects against corrosion


Bakkies’ load bins are generally exposed to the elements, which, in the long run will eventually lead to galvanic corrosion, which is caused when two metals make contact in the presence of an electrode and water. Galvanic corrosion will eventually spread and undermine the integrity of the load bin. By adding rubber to the back of your bakkie, you can effectively prevent this from happening.


Reduces impact damage


Rubber lining your bakkie will provide the load bin with a little more protective strength in the event of an accident. Impact damage varies depending on the severity of the accident, but rubberizing your vehicle gives it a bit more integrity to withstand damages when this happens.


Rubberizing secures your load


A rubberized coating is also great at reducing the rate at which goods move around when stored in the load bin of your bakkie. This is excellent for both protecting the vehicle itself, as well as the goods being held within it.


Loose items in your load bin may move around while on the move, when they impact the interiors of the bin, they may cause damage, and in some cases may even pose a danger to the driver and passengers.

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