Joburg Canopy Centre (PTY) LTD began from humble beginnings in April 2011 when the current entrepreneurs decided to launch a start-up, trading as Canopy Workx, by purchasing and reselling pre-owned canopies from home. Soon thereafter, owing to excellent market prospects, Canopy Works was renamed to Billy and Nephew and moved from a home operation to a 400m2 commercial stand where it operated for the next 9 months.

After 9 months and due to significant growth a bigger operating premises was sought resulting in the relocation of the business to a 1000m2 stand where it operated for a period of 6 years. In May 2016, following their appointment as an approved Beekman fitment and repair centre, Billy and Nephew embarked on a rebranding exercise renaming the company to Joburg Canopy Centre (PTY) LTD. As a result of acquiring the Beekman agency, JCC opened a second premises focusing on colour coding and rubber lining. Polyurethane/ rubber lining is an important feature and helps protect against general wear and tear, we offer rubberising on all makes and models of vehicles.

Realizing further growth, in January 2017, a 3rd branch of 1000m2 was opened to cater specifically for the brand new Beekman canopy. The increase in growth and demand also necessitated larger operating premises resulting in the relocation of the businesses to a premises of 1400m2.

In addition to holding the Beekman agency, JCC is also an agent for Rhino Man, Securi-lid and the Bakkie Mattress.

The growth story of JCC is attributed to the savvy entrepreneurial skills and management capabilities of the founding members who have been able to fund all growth through re-invested earnings. JCCs phenomenal growth trajectory has also brought about significant employment creation with the company currently providing full-time, direct employment opportunities for 30 people.

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