Why fibreglass canopies are better for smaller bakkies

Canopy JHB is at the forefront of providing impeccable fibreglass canopies that can be installed on different makes and models. Our comprehensive category of canopies provides durability and enhances the resale value of your vehicle. Fibreglass canopies are manufactured with quality materials and to withstand the elements. Smaller vehicles, particularly smaller bakkies should be agile … Read more

3 Reasons to add working racks to your bakkie

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Investing in your bakkie comes with multiple benefits that can improve the functionality of your bakkie. One of the most beneficial items that you can add to your bakkie is working racks. Functionality  Working racks are functional items to add to your bakkie. These popular accessories will allow you to have a more comfortable trip and load the … Read more

The Difference Between A Standard And Executive Canopies

Canopy JHB offers definitive retail quality canopies to fit the client’s requirements. We instil the highest calibre of standards by delivering an elevated service. As part of our promise to deliver exceptional products and services, Canopy JHB extends standard and executive canopies. In order for you, the client, to understand which canopy is right for … Read more

3 Tips To Picking The Right Canopy For Your Needs

Canopy JHB exclusively offers quality driven and affordable canopies to a wide range of clients, industries and contexts. As each situational preference to the client differs, Canopy JHB is passionate about ensuring that the correct and ideal canopy is incorporated to suit each requirement. Here are 3 definitive tips to take into consideration when picking … Read more

The different types of canopy accessories

While buying a bakkie may be easy, protecting this expensive asset from hazards may prove a difficult task. Vehicle owners can attest to this Besides protecting the bakkie form dust and rain, the canopy also safeguards it from other elements. However, most canopies do not look particularly ‘cool’ to individuals who love to have everything trendy. So, … Read more

Would It Be Better To Purchase A New Or Used Canopy For Business Use?

Canopies are manufactured with the intention to be sustainable and durable for an extended period of time. Canopy JHB is a trusted industry leader in supplying an impeccable range of canopies for personal and business utilisations. Our operations also focus on colour coding and rubber lining to increase the longevity of the canopy. These additional … Read more

How Long Can You Expect A Canopy To Last?

Canopies have the capacity to last between three to eight years, depending on the manner in which the canopy is maintained. Canopy JHB is passionate about manufacturing and providing the highest calibre of canopies. Our specialisations include, but are not limited to quality, affordable and stylish fibreglass canopies. The fibreglass and powder coated frame components … Read more

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